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Beauty secret to get more shine to the hair

What we want most of all for our hair – even before the perfect styling and a great hairstyle? Yes, exactly: they shimmer great. And it can do a lot.

Brush is the new washing

Shine without shampooing? This works with a paddle brush, which has bristles made of natural hair. “The different length bristles distribute the sebum, which is secreted by the hair follicles, the hair. It gets even shine, “says a hair expert . For bow head and upper body forward and start at the hairline. 10 times slowly brush from the neck over the head forward. Finally the hair is in an upright posture loosened again and gently brushed.

Blossom oils include the shampoo

The cause of dull hair is perhaps in your bathroom – in shampoo form. Our tip: If you are buying it, that the shampoo light oils, such as wild rose or orchid oil contains,.. The oil ensures better light refraction, because it fills porous spots again in the hair, causing the dull effect. Similarly act shampoos that contain liquid keratin . Also kitten brittle points in her hair. Good to know: keratin, a protein that is the main component of our hair. By damage from the outside opens the cuticle, keratin can be lost, resulting in brittle bodies – can be repaired simply by these shampoos with artificial keratin.

Still water needs of the head

“Rinse the hair at the very end of the wash with lukewarm, still mineral water from the supermarket of” advises Top experts “How to wash lime stones out of the hair, let it appear dull.” The reason: The water from the supermarket is not as hard as tap water generally.

Keeps the Shield

Who style the hair with a hair dryer or hair straighteners, can not do without heat protection. These lotions or sprays envelop containing substances such as panthenol or keratin hair. So it can harm even high temperatures barely. The products are, before using the hair styling tools incorporated into the lengths. With heat and a mask can also shine conjure her hair. “For a nourishing mask, for example, vitamin A and E, and allow to dry without exposure and without washing the hair dryer. Subsequently, the hair quickly move through a flat iron at low setting (120 degrees). Then all residues rinse well. The heat of smoothing the mask goes deep into the hair and ensures glassy luster.

Professionals now color colorless

Ask your hairdresser after treatment with so-called Clear-tone. Those who want to change their hair color, but lose no luster, makes sure that the desired color contains gold pigments. “The higher the concentration of gold pigments in one color, the stronger the hair shines, even in shades of brown.”

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