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Amba Haldi, Mango Ginger

آنبہ ہلدی ، آمبہ ہلدی ، کپورہلدی ، جنگلی ہلدی
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Urdu Name : Aanba Haldi, Amba Haldi, Kapur Haldi
(آنبہ ہلدی) ( آمبہ ہلدی) (کپورہلدی)

Punjabi Name : Chwaan Haldi, (چواں ہلدی)

Arabic Name : karikum zayq al’awraq, (كركم ضيق الأوراق)

Persian Name : Korkuma Amada، Darchob, (کورکوما آمادا) (دار چوب زردچوبه)

Hindi Name : Amba Haldi, Ama Haldi, Kapoorhaldi، Ban Haldi
( آمبہ ہلدی) (آما ہلدی) (کپور ہلدی) (بان ہلدی) ( کرپورا)

English Name : Mango Ginger, Mango Turmeric
(مینگو جنجر) (مینگو ٹرمیریک)

Latin name : Curcuma amada Roxb. (كوركوما امادا روكسب)

Gujarati Name : Aambaa Haldar, (آنبا ہلدر  ,  آمبہ ہلدار)

Kannada Name : Ambarasini, Huli Arseen, (امباراسینی) (ہولی آرسین)

Marathi Name : Aambe Halad, Ambaa Halad, (آمبی ہلاد) (امبا ہلاد)

Sanskrit Name : Karpura-haridra, Amar gandha (کرپورا – ہریدار) ) (امر گندھا)

Bengali Name : Aam Aadaa, Aam awar, (ام ادا ، آم آور)

French Name : Gingembre mangue, (گنگمبرے مینگووی)

German Name : Safranwurz, (سفرانورز)

ریسرچ ، تحریر و ترتیب حکیم محمد عرفان
اس آرٹیکل کو کاپی کرنے والے کے خلاف فوری قانونی کاروائی کی جائے
گی کیونکہ ایک آرٹیکل کو مکمل کرنے میں کئی دن سخت محنت ہوتی ہے

Product Description

Health Benefits of Curcuma Amada

(Mango Ginger)

Come monsoons and the markets are flooded with this spice that looks like ginger, but is not really ginger. Well, it is ginger with a taste of mango. People love all kinds of pickles, whether it’s the mango, lime, or mixed vegetables. But did you know mango ginger is also pickled? If you haven’t tasted it yet, you definitely should try it. Known as Ambe Halad in Marathi, Aam Haldi in Hindi and Curcuma Amada (Mango Ginger) botanically, this plant from the ginger family is quite versatile.


The Curcuma plant belongs to the ginger family Zingiberaceae and it is a part of the turmeric family. Mango ginger looks exactly like the spice ginger, but tastes like raw mango; hence the name Aam Haldi. Other well-known herbal plants from the Curcuma family are Indian arrowroot, turmeric, karchura. It is a seasonal plant and it’s often found in parts of Gujarat, West Bengal, Uttar Pradesh, Himalayas, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu in India.


Ayurveda and Unani medicine have been using Curcuma Amada as a part of their herbal remedies for centuries as a starter, diuretic, laxative, expectorant, aphrodisiac and more. This root is also used in Indian households while preparing food as it is known to have antibacterial and antibiotic properties. While most in the south would know mango ginger as a pickle, not many know of its other health benefits.

Properties of Curcuma Amada:

The Curcuma plant has powerful properties.

  • An antibacterial, antifungal, anti-inflammatory and an antioxidant.
  • A good appetizer, a calming agent.
  • An anti-allergenic
  • An analgesic
  • Works as a depressant
  • Cytoxic i.e. works as an immune cell or venom in our body
  • Have properties that inhibit the growth of triglycerides in our body

2…..Anti bacterial
3…..Anti fungal
4…..Anti oxidant
1…..Used to relieve pain
2…..Improves digestion
3…..Strengthens the Immune system
4…..Good for treating Cough and Cold
5…..Good for Bronchitis treatments
6…..Used in treatments in Asthma
7…..Used in treatments of Gastric Ulcer
8…..Used in Cosmetics and Skin products
9…..Used in treating Itching of Skin

Mango ginger consists of carbohydrates, curcuminoids, volatile essential oils, phenolic acids as well as terpenoids like diflurocumenonol, amadaldehyde, and amadannulen. It also has β-mycrene and α-asarone as well.

Let’s Take a Look at The Mango Ginger Health Benefits

1.Relieves Pain:

The Curcuma Amada (Mango Ginger) works as a calming agent, which helps to relieve pain in our body.

To Use:

Mix 25 grams of ambe haldi with 100 grams of sesame oil and heat it on low flame till it’s lukewarm. Use this oil to massage your body which helps to relieve pain.


2.Treats Skin Diseases:

Curcuma Amada (Mango Ginger) is a powerful antimicrobial and antioxidant. So it is used to treat skin issues. It helps to detoxify the body and improve skin complexion, get rid of acne and other skin problems. It is also used in various cosmetics and skin care products.

To Use:

Add 2 tsp of mango ginger juice to 2 tbsp of milk or rose water. Mix together, apply on your face and leave for 20 minutes. Rinse with cold water.

3.Relieves Itching:

This root is a powerful anti-allergenic. It helps to relieve itching, regardless of the factors causing it.

To Use:

Mix 2 tsp of Curcuma Amada to a little coconut oil and then apply on irritated skin. Or you can mix 1 tsp of Aam Haldi powder with a cup of milk. Boil it and then let it cool before you drink it.


4.Corrects Metabolic Issues:

Ayurveda believes this plant helps to rectify all metabolic issues. It helps to soothe all three Doshas in our body, especially Pitta. It has properties that inhibit the growth of triglycerides in our body, which works wonders when it comes to metabolic complications. Use of mango ginger prevents further complications if you are suffering from diabetes.

To Use:

Mix a tsp of mango ginger powder to a glass of milk before drinking it.

5.Relieves Cold and Cough:

Mango ginger is an expectorant and analgesic. It is often used to relieve cold and cough. It also helps to relieve bronchitis as well as asthma.

To Use:

Mix a teaspoon of dried aam haldi powder mixed with water or fresh juice. Drink this mix to get relief.


6.Relieves Digestive Problems:

Aam Haldi has enterokinase, an enzyme that helps digestion in humans and animals. This enzyme helps to break down proteins to organic compounds that are easier to digest. This root also helps to detoxify the body. It helps to relieve gas, improves appetite and promotes digestive strength.


7.Relieves Inflammation:

It has anti-inflammatory properties that help to prevent swelling in the joints. It is recommended by doctors to relieve swelling in the liver, arthritic joint pains, rheumatism as well as swelling caused by injuries, sprains, and bruises.

To use:

Boil 200 gms of moringa bark (bark of a drumstick tree) with water to make a paste. Mix this paste with 100 grams of mango ginger powder and 100 grams of black pepper powder. Mix all of this together and then apply on the joints to relieve pain.

8.Relieves Head Lice and Dandruff:

It has antimicrobial and anti-fungal properties. Using mango ginger as a part of the medication helps to relieve head lice as well as get rid of dandruff.

To Use:

Mix 10 grams each of mango ginger, fenugreek, Brahmi, Amla powder and 20 grams of Shikakai powder. Add this mix to 100 ml of coconut oil to form a paste. Apply this paste to your scalp and leave for 30 minutes. Clean it up with a good herbal shampoo followed by conditioner if needed.


We have tried to put forth as many benefits as possible for Curcuma Amada (Mango Ginger). Do avoid using these remedies if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. Consult Ayurveda Specialists in Hyderabad or the city you live in before you decide to use these remedies.


Herb Description

Amba Haldi is native to the eastern Himalayan region and is cultivated in India for its use in medicine. It is apparently a seasonal plant and is only available during the monsoon season unless it is cultivated. It contains curcumin, vitamin A, protein, fatty acids, minerals and carbohydrates and has anti-inflammatory properties as well as strong antibiotic ones. It is used for the skin primarily in India and Pakistan, and to help get rid of throat infections and nasal and trachiobronchial congestion. It is supposed to smell like mango and is a close relative of the ginger root. In fact it is difficult to tell ginger root and amba haldi apart, but amba haldi is a less colourful root. Apparently it looks similar to the ginger plant above ground.


Ambehaldi is a unique herb having morphological resemblance with ginger but imparts raw mango flavour, hence it is also known as mango ginger. It has high anti oxidant and anti microbial properties. It is used as an appetizer, antipyretic, aphrodisiac, skin disease etc. The wild turmeric is used in skin care as well as in culinary usage.

Home Remedies Receipes

  • Mix 1 tsp Ambahaldi with 1 cup milk and boil. Cool it and drink. It has strong antimicrobial and antioxidant properties.
  • Mix 2 tsp of ambehaldi juice with milk or rose water and apply it on face. Leave for 20 mins. And then rinse off. This helps to control acne.

Key Ingredients

Ambehaldi, milk, rose water

Botanical Name

curcuma aromatica

Common Names

wild turmeric, aromatic turmeric, jangli haldi, lam yaingang, Ran Halad, kasturimanjal, kasthuri pasupa, mango ginger

Moor info : Mango ginger (Curcuma amada Roxb.) – A promising spice

for phytochemicals and biological activities

Mango Ginger , آنبہ ہلدی

ماہیت ۔
نا رنج کے مانند ایک خو بصو رت در خت کی جڑ ہے ۔ جو ہلدی کی مانند لیکن اس سے مو ٹی لمبی اور بڑی ہو تی ہے ۔اور بہت دور تک پھیلی ہیں ۔ یہ برسا ت کے موسم میں پہا ڑوں اور جنگلو ں میں خودروبھی پیدا ہوتی اوربوئی بھی جا تی ہے ۔ اس کو چین ہلدی بھی کہا جاتاہے ۔ اس کی جڑ پر جھریا ں ہیں ۔ یہ پو دا بر سا ت کے آخر ی حصے میں پھولا کرتا ہے۔ شیر یں پھول مہتاب کے سے لگتے ہیں ۔ اسکی جڑ تازہ توڑنے پر آم کی کیری کی سی خوشبو دیتی ہے ۔ اس لئے آنبہ ہلدی اور جنجر کے نا م سے منسوب ہے۔ اس کا پو دا تین فٹ اونچا اور ڈنٹھل مو ٹا سا ہو تا ہے ۔
پتے ۔ ہلدی کے پتو ں سے بڑے ڈیڑھ فٹ تک ۔ چھ سات انچ چوڑے تیز نو دار ہو تے ہیں ۔
پھل ۔ بر سات میں چھوٹے چھوٹے ہلکے زرد، خوب خوشبو دار ہوتے ہیں ۔ لیکن اسکی جڑ بطور دواء استعمال کی جاتی ہے ۔
مقام پیدائش ۔ بنگال، ہندوستان ، پاکستان میں پنجا پ کی ہما لیہ اور جہاں ادرک پیدا ہو سکتا ہے ۔یہ پیدا ہوسکتی ہے ۔
رنگ ۔ جڑزرد
ذائقہ ۔ تلخ اورخوشبو دار
مزاج ۔ گرم و خشک درجہ دوم ۔
فوائد خاص ۔ محلل،مسکن،مصفی خون
استعمال ۔ تمام قسم کر ورموں کوتحلیل کرتی ہے اورمسکن ومحلل ہو نے کی وجہ سے چوٹ زخم اور پھو ڑے پھنسیوں،جلدی امراض میں بطور ضماد مفید ہے ۔ اسے انڈے کی سفیدی میں ملا کر لیپ کیا جاتا ہے ۔ اس کا منجن منہ کا ذائقہ درست رکھتا ہے ۔ اور اس کا ابٹن چہرے کی رنگت صاف کر تا ہے۔ زخموں کی بھر دیتا ہے ۔نفع دردشکم ، کھانسی ، بخا ر فساد میں استعمال کیاجا تا ہے ۔ درد شکم میں آنبہ ہلدی اورنمک سیاہ کا سفوف جبکہ خشک کھانسی میں آنبہ ہلدی اورنمک خوردنی کو سفوف کر کے کھلا تے ہیں۔
فوائد خاص ۔ ضربہ و سقطہ (چوٹ کے لئے )
بدل ۔ ہلدی ۔
مقدار خوراک ۔ ایک سے دو یا تین گرام ۔
کیمیا وی تجزیہ ۔
ٓآئل رال ، گو ند ، آرگینک ایسڈ اورلاکھ پائی جا تی ہے ۔
مجرب ۔ آنبہ ہلدی کا سفو ف بنا کر روغن کنجد میں ملا کر ضربہ وسقطہ لگائیں جلد پر نیل پڑ جا نے اور درد کو تسکین دینے میں لا جو اب ہے ۔


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