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Sandal Surkh, Red Sandalwood

صندل سرخ – لاج صندل – بُرادہ صندل سرخ – لال چندن
دوسوپچاس گرام سے کم آرڈر بُک نہیں ہو گا 250 گرام سے لے کر 40 کلو تک آرڈر دے سکتے ہیں پاکستان میں ڈلیوری ایک دن میں اور پوری دنیا میں کہیں بھی ڈلیوری 10 دن میں حاصل کریں


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Urdu Name : Sandal Surkh (صندل سرخ)

Punjabi Name : Lal Chandan (لال چندن) Lal sandal (لال صندل)

Arabic Name : Sandal Ahmar (صندل أحمر) Al-sandal al-ahmar (الصندل الأحمر)

Khashab al-sandal al-ahmar (خشب الصندل الأحمر)

Persian Name :  Sandal Qarmaz (صندل قرمز) Sandal Surkh (صندل سرخ)

Choub sandal qarmaz (چوب صندل قرمز ) Sandal Qirmaz (سندل قرمز)

Bakhur sandal surkh (بخور صندل سرخ)

Hindi Name : Lal Chandan (لال چندن) Rakta Chandan (رکتا چندن)

English Name : Red Sandal Wood (ریڈ سینڈل وڈ) Ruby Wood (روبی وڈ)

Sappan (ساپن) Red Sanders (ریڈ سانڈرس) Red saunders (ریڈ سؤنڈرس)

Red sanderswood (ریڈ سانڈرس وڈ)

Latin name : Pterocarpus santalinus Linn. (ٹیروکارپس سنٹلینس لین)

Kannada Name : Agaru (اگارو) Honne (ہونن) Kempugandha (کیمپوگندھا)

Patranga (پٹرانگا) Raktashandana (رکتاشندنا)

Malayalam Name : Patrangam (پٹرنگم) Raktashandanam (رکتا شندانم)

Tilaparnni (تلی پرنی) Chenchandanam (چنچنڈانم)

Tagalog Name : Naga (ناگا) Narra (نارا)

Tamil Name : Atti (آٹی) Sivappuchandanam (سیواپوچندنم) Semmaram (ِسمرام)

Sandanavengai (صندناوینگائی) Sensandakkattai (سینسنڈاکیکٹائی) Picanam (پیکانم)

Chensandanam (چین صندنم) Sivaffu Chandanam (سیوافو چندنم) Sivappu (سیواپو)

Kusandanam (کیو سندانم) Sensandanam (سینسندانم) Pidagattam (پیڈا گاٹام)

Salliyam (سا لیئم) Sandauam (صندوم)

Telugu Name : Agarugandhamu (اگروگندھامو) Chandanum (چندنم) Yerra (ئررا)

Ettachandamu (اِٹا چندامو) Kuchandanamu (کوچندنامو) Shandanamu (شندانامو)

Raktagandhamu (رکتاگندھامو) Raktachandanamu (رکتاچندنامو)

Gujarati Name : Ratanjali (رتانجلی) Lal Chandan (لال چندن)

Marathi Name : Raktchandan (رکت چندن) Tambada Chandan (ٹم بادہ چندن)

Sanskrit Name :Raktachandana (رکتاچندنہ) Arka (ارکا) Kushikam (کوشی کم)

Chandana (چند نا) Harichandana (ہری چندنا)  Agarugandha (اگروگندھا)

Patranga (پٹرانگا) Raktachandana (رکتاچند نہ) Tilaparni (ِتلاپرنی)

Bengali Name : Raktachandana (رکتاچندنا)

Nepalese Name : Rakta candan (رکتا چندن)

French Name : Santal Rouge (سنتال اوج)

German Name : Roter Sandelbaum (اوٹرزنڈیل باوم)

Sandelholzbaum (زنڈیل ہلزبائم)

Spanish Name : Sándalo rojo (صندل روخو)

Italian Name : Sandalo rosso (صندلو روسو)

Burmese Name : Nasani (سنڈاکو) Sandaku (نسانی)

Danish Name : Rød sandelved (اود سیندل ول ) Sandeltræ (سیندل ٹرائی)

Dutch Name : Rood sandelhout (رود سندل ھؤٹ) Sandelboom (سندل بوئم)

ریسرچ ، تحریر و ترتیب حکیم محمد عرفان
اس آرٹیکل کو کاپی کرنے والے کے خلاف فوری قانونی کاروائی کی جائے
گی کیونکہ ایک آرٹیکل کو مکمل کرنے میں کئی دن سخت محنت ہوتی ہے

Product Description

Sandal Surkh

Red Sandalwood – Health Benefits




Other Names of Sandalwood

  • Chandan
  • Sandal
  • Santalum album
  • White sandalwood
  • Red sandalwood
  • White saunders
  • Yellow sandalwood
  • East Indian sandalwood

Useful Parts of the Plant

  • Wood
  • Bark
  • Essential oils

The trunk of sandalwood tree is used to extract the highly aromatic sandalwood paste and powder. Sandalwood is well known for its many health benefits, and it is used for its antiseptic properties. Sandalwood essential oils are used in the preparation of soaps, incense, powders, perfumes, and other cosmetics. Sandalwood essential oils have medicinal uses and sandalwood aromatherapy can be used for relaxation. Pure sandalwood oil is very expensive and is considered a rare commodity. It is indigenous to India and is used extensively in the Indian subcontinent as well as in China. This evergreen tree thrives well in the hot and wet climate of Southern India.

Nutritional Information and Properties

Pure sandalwood contains a lot of chemical compounds that help remove infection from your body. Sandalwood oil is usually used as a flavoring agent in foods. In China, however, sandalwood is used for medicinal purposes as well. It is recommended that you consume sandalwood medications only after discussing it with your doctor. Sandalwood aromatherapy can be used to treat stress-related disorders. The oil is also healthy for your skin and can be used to treat various skin conditions including dryness, eczema, itchiness, and rashes. Sandalwood has pheromone-like properties and is therefore used in manufacturing perfumes and deodorants. Sandalwood oil can also be used as an aphrodisiac.

Health Benefits and Therapeutic Uses

Apart from its fragrance, sandalwood is also used for its many health benefits and therapeutic uses.

  • Perfumes with sandalwood are used for their aphrodisiac properties. These perfumes also have pheromone-like properties that make them a highly desirable additive to perfumeries and perfumed cosmetics.
  • The wood, bark, and sandalwood oils are also used for their healing properties. They have been used in Chinese medication for healing of abdominal pains and other gastric problems. Sandalwood has an anti-microbial action and can be used to treat internal infections such as those in the alimentary canal.
  • Being an antiseptic agent, sandalwood can be used externally to treat inflammation of the genital organs, urinary bladder, cystitis, and other urinary infections. It can also help in reducing inflammation caused from sexually transmitted diseases like gonorrhea.
  • Sandalwood paste is great for the skin. It can be used to improve skin texture, soothe burnt skin, and treat eczema and rashes. It can also be used to soothe prickly heat.
  • Sandalwood powder, though expensive, can be a great addition to your daily skin care routine. Using sandalwood paste on your skin can help remove any microbes, reducing the risk of skin infections and acne.
  • Sandalwood essential oil can be used in aromatherapy to reduce stress, hypertension, and emotional negativity. The compounds in this volatile oil can trigger off the production of serotonin in the brain, increasing overall happiness and contentment.
  • Sandalwood essential oil can also be used for healing wounds and treating skin blemishes. The oil itself is very potent, so it should be used in very small quantities only after mixing with some carrier oil.
  • Sandalwood has been found to be an antispasmodic agent. It helps to relax the nerves, blood vessels, and muscles. Regular use of sandalwood oil can stop muscle contractions and spasms.
  • It also has slight astringent properties,and this makes it excellent for gums. This can help tighten the hold of the gums on your teeth, preventing natural teeth loss.
  • Sandalwood also acts as an expectorant and can help treat chronic or severe cough. For this, sandalwood can be used both internally and externally.
  • It can be a healthy tonic for growing children. It is also soothing for the child’s stomach and abdomen.

Other Uses

Sandalwood can also be used as a deodorant and can be blended with other essential oils to make different fragrances.

Precautions/ Side Effects/ Warnings

Improper use of sandalwood can cause tightening of the chest, chest pains, and inability to breathe. It can also trigger an allergic reaction in some people, causing itchy skin, rashes and hives.


Sandalwood is really a distinctive kind of wood from the genus Santalum. These types of trees are fragrant and therefore are mostly present in India. However, fewer of them are available in South Asia, Australia and Indonesia.

Sandalwood is most beneficial recognized of its aroma as well as its fantastic healing qualities. It’s been utilized for quite a long time throughout meditation as well as traditions.

Ladies, do you need of a daily body spray which will have you smelling fantastic during the day? Not to worry, this is where Sothys steps in, using its Vanilla and Sandalwood Escape Nourishing Body Elixir. This phenomenal smelling formula is the treatment for your needs. This particular nourishing oil provides distinct minerals as well as extracts to have you smelling gently scented and fresh each day.Coupled with its several health advantages, Sandalwood is recognized to benefit the skin in lots of ways. This particular woody plant is usually processed like a fragrant oil, fragrant extract and perfumed medicinal soap.It’s got sufficient of uses and healthy benefits particularly on the skin. It has apparent as well as constant, lasting, smooth as well as woodsy scent. Sandalwood increases the volatility of perfume to spread the fragrance quicker and also longer. It is traditionally used as fragrant oil in altering and nourishing the health of the skin.

Health benefits of Sandalwood

1. Natural Disinfectant

This particular spectacular wood is commonly identified due to its disinfectant as well as anti-microbial qualities that effectively heals and restores the health of the skin.

2. Skin Moisturizer

Sandalwood is widely known to fight skin dryness by moisturizing, it’s a major component in lotions and creams which focus on decreasing skin dryness. It improves the activity of the skin cells which helps them to draw more moisture which in turn {is utilized|must be used} to moisturize the skin giving it that young, smooth and glossy look. Sandalwood moisturize skin without leading to acne. It’s natural emollient which acts as moisturizer.

ellas, grab your sandalwood eShave Travel Kit for the ideal vacation. It’s everything you need for the close and comfy shave on-the-go. I use mine even when I’m not on vacation, it’s the best stuff we’ve found for the sensitive skin.

3. Anti-Aging Agent

Sandalwood works as an anti-inflammatory agent which boosts the circulation of blood in regions of your skin, which means that the skin is nourished with sufficient nutritional and metabolic waste material deposited near it may also be eliminated. Further, it works as an antioxidant and scavenges on the free radicals that create wrinkles on the skin.

The overall effect is that your skin remains healthy and appears young. It serves as tightening agent on the skin, that is an efficient method to restore the flexibility on the skin. You are able to totally apply it not only in your face but all over the body including legs and hands. It removes seated oil and dirt on skin. It improves the elasticity of your skin. It guarantees you a skin which is supple and flawless.

4. Reduces Acne

Powder made of Sandalwood has been utilized for a long period to deal with acne in teenagers as well as adults whose skin is keen on zit eruption. Traditionally it absolutely was crushed and included with turmeric also it turned out to be extremely effective in lessening zit eruption. It’s a excellent suggestion for those individuals who have normal pimple breakouts.It features a gentle way of preventing skin against infection in addition to healing common skin blemishes just like sores and boils. It combats against bacteria which could harm the skin. Helps with fast healing of wounds and pimples. It will help flourish the skin condition.

5. Cures Ocular Diseases

Sandalwood when combined with extracts of other medicinal herbs just like neem, bhringaraj, nirgundi, sobhanajana, punarnava, satapatri and madhu generates a mixture which is often used in Ayurveda to avoid ocular disorders just like refractive error and cataract.

6. Heals Ulcer

In accordance with a study, sandalwood can effectively heal ulcers. The experiments conducted within the study demonstrated that use of sandalwood extracts can control the creation of ulcer significantly.

7. Reduces Stress and Hypertension

Oil extracted from sandalwood may be used in aromatherapy to deal with hypertension and also to decrease stress. Contents of the oil might help the brain to create serotonin that improves positivity in the person and triggers the feeling of happiness and contentment.

8. Relaxes Nerves and Muscles

Sandalwood works just as one antispasmodic agent which will help in relaxing nerves, muscles and blood vessels. Sandalwood oil whenever used regularly can avoid muscle contractions and spasms.

9. Prevents Natural Teeth Loss

Sandalwood oil has got astringent qualities that is very useful for strengthening of the gums. Additionally, it helps prevent natural teeth loss.

10. Helps in Preventing Body Odour

Sandalwood has been utilized just as one important ingredient for the cosmetic industry. Deodorants and perfumes produced from sandalwood can help you fight body odour and keeps you fresh for hours.

11. Reduces Itchiness

Sandalwood paste can be applied to lessen itchiness on the skin. An excellent home cure for insect bites, sandalwood paste may also deal with sunburns. Rather than utilizing the chemically handled de-tan packs that are offered in the market you have to make use of sandalwood paste to see the outcomes instantly.

12. Helps Balance Skin Tone

Sandalwood paste proves to work very well to promote an even skin tone. Continued usage of Sandalwood paste also helps prevent tans from forming within your skin. The mild components of Sandalwood thoroughly work to inhibit keloid formation on skin. Sandalwood as Disinfectant This particular majestic wood is popularly recognized due to its disinfectant as well as anti-microbial characteristics that efficiently heals and restores the health of the skin.

13. Itchiness Relief

Many people are confronted with the problem of the itchy skin; this will make them keep scrubbing their skin every now and then. The aftereffect is that the skin gets damaged. Sandalwood paste or oil features a calming effect on the skin and decreases itchiness. In case your skin is swollen, it will help relax it and can be also applied after an insect bite to lessen the degree of itchiness. It reduces the redness and swelling of the skin quicker than other treatments. It works as gentle sealant which immediately closes the tear or cut on the skin.

14. Restores Sun-burnt Skin

Sandalwood assists restore sun burnt skin back to its original tone. Many individuals do suffer sunburns if their skin is subjected to sunlight for a long period when applied just before sunbathing, sandalwood behaves as a sunscreen and helps prevent probable sun burns. Whenever applied after sunburns, it will help the skin to recover quickly.

If you ever wish to have that healthy, vibrant, flawless and clean skin it’s the time you begin regular use of Sandalwood oil or even paste. It cures all of the ugly scars and imperfections on the skin and rejuvenate your skin. Sandalwood as Astringent One of the best benefits that this perfume plant can provide is its tender touch on skin.

History of Sandalwood

Sandalwood was initially utilized in historical times–probably more than 4,000 years ago. In India, it has been worth at least 2,000 years as one of the most sacred trees–an important part of devotional rituals. The wood has been utilized for making numerous religious artifacts like staffs and figurines, along with a sandalwood paste is made for marking the skin. Due to its effectiveness against white ants, the wood has also been utilized in earlier buildings.

Sandalwood was an essential therapeutic herb in traditional Chinese as well as Tibetan medicines. By 700 B.C., it was a major trade item and it has been found in Egyptian embalming formulations. It absolutely was also utilized in death rituals in other countries–in India it absolutely was burnt on funeral pyres or perhaps utilized to make coffins for the very wealthy.A vital component in perfumes and incense, lotions and body oils, sandalwood have been probably the most essential perfume materials for longer than 2000 years. In China, sandalwood joss sticks are extremely common as incense. Sandalwood’s used in European and American perfumery wasn’t substantial till the 1900s, where it was (and still is) praised for fixative ability along with its fragrance. Today it is usually utilized in fine perfumes.

Following tradition, the wood of the sandalwood tree is still accustomed to make sacred objects, carvings, as well as other handcrafted ornaments. In the past, it absolutely was often utilized for temple doors, and it’s also still worth delicately carved furniture–although with today’s high prices, it is utilized for this purpose less than in the past. Chips of wood are burned just as one incense or ground to help make incense sticks.

Sandalwood and Skin Care:

Sandalwood for skin Sandalwood is truly one of natures most flexible and efficient skincare treatments. Utilized as a powder or just as one oil extract, it is just a key component utilized in the cosmetic industry to make perfumes, soaps, powders, facial creams and masks as well as other Ayurvedic skincare products. However, many of these cosmetics also include chemicals and bleaching agents which may be dangerous for several skin types. It might be a smart idea to utilize natural products, that provide safe and better results and that are easily accessible and simple on the purse as well! Turn it into a part of your normal skin care routine by following easy and simple to utilize combinations and watch the skin become soft, supple and glowing.

Sandalwood for the Glowing and Soft Skin:

  • Make a paste of sandalwood powder, turmeric powder as well as fullers earth (Multani Mitti), include rose water and also apply on face and hands daily just before your bath. Allow it to dry just before washing off. You are able to replace the rose water with milk in case you have a dry skin. Frequent use can lead to a gentle and excellent complexion.
  • Mix one spoon of sandalwood powder and one spoon of almond powder along with milk and apply on face and neck to get a fairer complexion.
  • An excellent face mask: Make a smooth combination of 1 teaspoon of sandalwood powder, ½ teaspoon of turmeric powder and 2 tablespoons of honey and apply over face and neck. Leave for 20 minutes and wash along with cold water. Make use of this mask at least two times per week for the smooth and tingly fresh skin
  • A good treatment for dry skin: Mix 1 teaspoon of sandalwood powder with 2 tablespoons of fresh coconut milk. Apply to face and neck and then leave to dry. Wash off with cold water and view the glow return to the face. (Also read benefits of tender coconut water)

Sandalwood for Pimples and Acne:

  • Add 1 teaspoon of sandalwood powder to 1 teaspoon of powdered black gram. Create a paste with the addition of distilled water and apply on pimples and acne. Wash along with cold water after half an hour. This remedy is ideal method of getting rid of acne and acne scars.
  • Mix equal amount of sandalwood powder, turmeric powder along with a pinch of saffron and add water to create a smooth paste. Apply equally on skin overnight to zap away those zits.
  • To reduce acne and acne scars, combine equal servings of sandalwood powder, coconut oil and lime juice and use it on affected parts. Leave it overnight before washing it off along with cold water.

The Itch Cure:

  • The cooling as well as anti microbial property of sandalwood helps you to calm the skin as well as heals small abrasions
  • Sandalwood powder combined with a teaspoon of lime juice reduces skin irritation and allergies.
  • Make a paste of one teaspoon of sandalwood powder, one teaspoon of turmeric powder and one teaspoon of lime juice. Apply all around the itching areas. Leave for 20-30 minutes and wash with cold water. Notice how the itching subsides and also the redness disappears.

No Sweat:

  • Suffer from excessive sweating? Use a paste of sandalwood and Rose water on areas of profuse sweating for convenient relief.

The Ideal Sunscreen:

  • An excellent suntan remedy is usually to make a paste of 1 tablespoon each of cucumber, lemon juice, curd, honey and sandalwood powder and combining it with the juice of either one tomato or even potato and using equally on the affected parts. Wash off after an hour or so.
  • Take four spoons each of sandalwood powder and coconut oil and blend along with two spoons of almond oil. Apply on face for 15 minutes just before washing with warm water. The calming and healing property of sandalwood softens the skin helping in treating suntan.bye

Prickly Heat:

  • The onset of summer brings with it the annoying problem of prickly heat that is brought on because of sweating. The majority of prickly heat powders utilize sandalwood as their base ingredient since it features a cooling effect on the skin. A do it yourself skin pack could be even more effective.
  • Make a paste of sandalwood powder with a bit of distilled water and apply where there is surely an eruption of prickly heat rashes. It might be smart to smear children with this paste to safeguard them from the horrible summer heat. It really is safe for use on infants too.

Iron away those Wrinkles:

  • Make a combination of sandalwood powder, glycerin as well as rose water and apply in your face every day for around twenty minutes and watch your wrinkles disappear.
  • Mix sandalwood powder, turmeric powder, and also the white of the egg and apply like a mask in your face. The collagen in the egg helps you to remove creases while the turmeric and also sandalwood powder leaves the skin supple as well as glowing.

Stress Buster:

  • Sandalwood oil is really a sedative and helps in calming nerves. Utilized in aromatherapy, this particular oil offers rest from stress and has a calming effect on the mucous membranes.

Relief from Headache:

  • To gain relief from headaches and also to bring down fevers, pound a few basil (Tulsi) leaves and add 2 teaspoons of sandalwood powder. Use on forehead and temples.

Bug Banish:

  • Dab a combination of sandalwood, turmeric as well as lavender oil on insect bites for fast rest from swelling and itchiness. This combination may also be used to banish the bugs too.

Skin Abrasions, Eczema, Psoriasis:

  • Add a teaspoon of sandalwood powder along with a teaspoon of camphor to rose water to create a paste. Pertain to affected parts of the skin to avoid eczema.

Sandalwood For Glowing Skin:

Combine 1 spoon of sandalwood powder along with milk and use it equally to face and neck. Let it rest for 15 minutes and wash along with warm water. Use of this paste provides cooling effect in just a few seconds. It tones up skin and moisturizes. Skin remains soft, soothed after washing. Normal use of this paste keeps the skin healthy and glowing forever.

Sandalwood For Pimples:

Combine 1 spoon of sandalwood powder together with 1 spoon of turmeric. Use this paste perfectly over pimple-prone area overnight. Pimples will probably be disappeared without any marks in a short time.

Sandalwood For Face Mask:

Mix 1 spoon of sandalwood powder as well as 1 spoon of turmeric together with honey. Make thicker paste of it and apply throughout face. Leave it till the mask tightens and dries. Clean face along with water in the event the mask dries. It refreshes skin as well as makes skin shine.

Sandalwood For Fairer Complexion:

Combine 1 spoon of sandalwood powder and 1 spoon of almond powder with milk. Use of this paste frequently provides fairer complexion.

Sandalwood as a Perfume:Create a fine paste of sandalwood powder along with water or rose water and apply throughout body, particularly to sweat prone areas just like under arms. This works as a great deodorant for whole day. Additionally, it helps prevent sweating and works on prickly heat.

Sandalwood For Stress:

Sandalwood oil is really a sedative also it calms the nerves. It offers relief from stress. It features a calming effect on skin and membranes.

Sandalwood For Headache:

Sandalwood paste applied to temples reduces headache as well as lowers temperature.

Sandalwood For Rashes:

Mix sandal wood along with a little quantity of camphor and prepare a paste. Use this paste on the rashes. Redness and also the itchiness will reduce along with a soothing result can be felt immediately.

Sandal For Tolerating Environmental Hot Temperature:

Make a sandalwood paste in some large quantity. Use this paste alone on face, neck, hands, legs, chest and back. No matter how hot the weather is, the body can be really cool and relaxed.

Other Beauty benefits of sandalwood

  1. Use sandalwood/chandan powder combined with rose water in your face. And allow it to dry for a while. Next, dampen the dry sandalwood face mask simply by spraying just a little water over it. Then, rub carefully to eliminate the mask. This particular face mask helps you to cure all kinds of facial blemishes also it eliminates the prickly heat fast triggered by sweating. This particular face mask has drying effects on the skin. In case your skin is dry ,you’ll be able to use milk in place of rose water.
  2. Take 4 spoons of sandalwood powder and coconut oil each with 2 spoons of almond oil. Apply this combination on your own face and then leave it for 15 minutes. Next, wash off with warm water. This particular face mask features a softening effect on the skin; it will help in diminishing sunburn so it helps in curing suntan, because of the healing and calming qualities of sandalwood/chandan powder.
  3. Mix one spoon of sandalwood powder, one spoon of turmeric powder and a pinch of camphor together. Apply this magical mix on your acne, acne scars and blackheads. For best results, leave it on overnight. This home remedy works like a magic in reducing acne, acne scars and blackheads.
  4. Apply one spoon of almond powder and one spoon of sandalwood /chandan powder with milk on your face and neck. This preparation gives you fairer complexion gradually.
  5. Mix sandalwood/chandan powder with little amount of camphor and water. You are able to apply this solution in your slight burns, rashes and allergies. You can use it to deal with skin diseases just like psoriasis, psoriasis or eczema also.
  6. There is a kind of sandal which is known as rakt – chandan or red sandal wood. This is extremely useful in enhancing the complexion and fading scars.
  7. Sandalwood oil is a superb skin softening agent. You are able to massage the face along with sandalwood oil. You can include sandalwood power to your preferred massage oil and allow it to sit for 12 hours. You can purchase sandalwood oil from the market and also to massage the face.
  8. You are able to dab this mixture of sandalwood powder, turmeric and lavender oil on the itchy swelling of the insect bite. This application provides instant results in lowering the swelling. This mix also works as a possible insect repellent.
  9. You are able to apply multani mitti combined with sandalwood /chandan powder and rose water in your face .This face mask works well for providing you with a fair and flawless skin. This particular face mask is wonderful for oily skin type.
  10. Combine together cucumber juice, lemon juice, curd ,honey, sandalwood power and juice of the tomato or potato juice. Apply this combination in your face for getting flawless skin and treating suntan
  11. Take an egg yolk, honey/curd, sandalwood power and lavender essential oil. Beat the egg and blend it with all ingredients to create a thick paste. This face mask is a superb aid in preventing wrinkles and sagging skin.

Some home remedies and face packs utilizing sandalwood

Sandal wood has numerous beneficial effects on the skin and is also utilized for numerous conditions which includes acne and blemishes. Here are a few thoroughly tested natural home remedies for a number of skin care routines.

Home remedy for acneA combination of 1 tbsp. of Sandal wood powder, turmeric and water is ready to which a small amount of camphor is additionally added. This paste is used on the affected areas of the skin and left for 20 to 30 minutes following which it is washed off with water.

For sensitive skin, a combination of 1 tbsp. of sandalwood oil, turmeric powder and fresh lime juice is created that is then applied to the skin and left for 15 to 20 minutes. After this, it really is cleaned off with tepid water. It is really an outstanding fix for acne.

2 tbsp. of sandalwood powder is combined in a quarter cup of rose water and applied on the face and the neck. It really is left up until the paste dries off completely. Then the paste is washed off with water and also the face and neck is rubbed along with sandal wood oil diluted in jojoba oil. It has benefits in curing itchiness as a result of acne and helps in calming the skin. Frequent utilize not just clears off the existing acne but additionally helps in preventing the development of acne.

Face packs for skin care of different skin types

For dry skin

Mix sandalwood powder along with milk and honey to create a paste. This is applied on the face and left for 20 minutes. Wash it off along with cold water. This pack has hydrating effect on the skin.

For regular skin

A paste of sandalwood powder, turmeric powder and fullers earth is created in rose water and applied on hands and face, it really is dried off and then washed with water. It is very great for hydrating the skin and offering a glowing and radiant skin complexion.

For black heads

Sandalwood powder is combined with rice powder and made a paste in water. Use this paste on the skin and rub it in circular motion. Wash it off with water; it is just a good exfoliation mask.

For improving complexion

Make a paste of sandalwood powder and almond powder with milk and apply on face and leave for a while. Wash it off with water for a fairer complexion.

Suntan mask

A paste is made of 1 tbsp. of cucumber, lemon juice, yoghurt, and honey and sandalwood powder in tomato juice or potato juice. It really is applied uniformly on the skin and then washed off after keeping the mask for about an hour.



Sandal Surkh – Red Sandalwood


صندل سرخ – لاج صندل – بُرادہ صندل سرخ – لال چندن


ماہیت ۔ اس کا درخت صندل سفید سے کچھ چھوٹا ہوتاہے ۔ یہ درخت پندرہ سے پچیس فٹ اونچا ہوتاہے ۔ چھال کالی مٹیالے رنگ کی سی ہوتی ہے ۔ پتے ڈیڈھ انچ لمبے بیضوی شکل کے اور آگے سے کچھ گول اور تنکے پر تین پتے ہوتے ہیں ۔ پھول کی ڈنڈی قدرے لمبی اور اس کے چاروں طرف زرد مائل سفید پھول لگتے ہیں ۔ پھلی دوتین انچ لمبی اور ٹیڑھی ہوتی ہے۔پھول اور پھلی گرمیوں میں لگتے ہیں۔پھلی کے اندر سرخ رنگ کے تخم ہوتے ہیں ۔ عمدہ صندل وہ ہے جو گہرے سرخ رنگ صاف اور کم ریشہ والا ہوجس کا ذائقہ تلخ و خوشبودار ہو لکڑی یا برادہ جو سرخ رنگ کا ہوتاہے بطور دوامستعمل ہے۔
مزاج ۔ سرددوم خشک درجہ دوم ۔
استعمال ۔ یہ صندل سفید والے تمام افعال رکھتاہے ۔ طلاًءضماداًزیادہ مفید ہے کیونکہ اس کے اندررادع اورمسکن فعل زیادہ قوی ہوتاہے ۔ یہ دموی پیشاب اور احتلام میں مفید ہے ۔ صندل سرخ کو کثرت حیض اورمصفیٰ خون اور خونی بواسیر کے علاوہ جریان خون میں استعمال کرواتے ہیں ۔ جس سے اکثر مریض جلد صحت یاب ہوجاتے ہیں ۔
مقدارخوراک ۔ چارسے چھ  گرام تک ۔

صندل کا تیل – روغن صندل

ماہیت ۔ صندل سفید یا زرد کی لکڑیوں سے کشید کیاجاتاہے۔ اس کی رنگت خضیف زرد مزہ تیز اور بومثل صندل کے خوشگوار ہوتی ہے۔
مزاج ۔ سرد وتر درجہ دوم ۔
استعمال ۔ روغن صندل کو زیادہ تر نئے اور پرانے سوزاک تعفن کو دور کرنے اور پیشاب کو سوزش اور ورم مثانہ کو تسکین دینے کیلئے استعمال کرتے ہیں ۔ منفث بلغم ہوا کی نالیوں پر دافع تعفن ہونے کی وجہ سے پرانی کھانسی اور ایسی کھانسی جس میں یہ بدبو دار بلغم خارج ہواستعمال کرتے ہیں ۔
روغن صندل آلات بول کی غشائے مخاطی تعفن اور مسکن تاثیر رکھتاہے۔جس کی وجہ سے نئے اور پرانے سوزاک میں مفید ہے۔
مقدارخوراک ۔ سوزاک میں پانچ سے سات قطرے پتاشے پرڈال کر دودھ کے ساتھ کھلاتے ہیں مزمن کھانسی میں دوتین قطرے پتاشہ پر ڈال کر کھلاتے ہیں۔
عمومی خوراک ۔پانچ سے بیس قطرے ۔

شربت صندل ۔
شربت صندل خفقان حار اور جگر ومعدے کی حرارت کو زائل کرنے کیلئے مستعمل ہے ۔ آلات بول کی سوزش صفراوی اور خونی پیچش کے علاوہ مسکن حرارت مفرح قلب و دماغ اور مسکن پیاس ہے  ۔ مفرح و مسکن ہے ۔گرمی اور پیاس کی شدت کو کم کرتاہے گرمی کی شدت سے اگر سر میں درد ہو تو اس کے استعمال سے رفع ہوجاتاہے ۔ سوئے مزاج حار میں مفید ہے۔
مقدارخوراک ۔ عام مفرح شربت کی طرح استعمال کریں ۔


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